20. Sep, 2018

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Four characters, all exiles from various Playmobil worlds, embark on a series of adventures.

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original title: Super 4

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Four characters, all exiles from various Playmobil worlds, embark on a series of adventures. I've watched this recently and the truth is it looks like a good show.

I am not big for it or anything i mean yes looks can be deceiving but not sure if this counts or not in the case at least.

basically if you give this a watch it might not be bad for the time you spend watching it. This program first came to my attention after This TV started airing the weekly morning cartoon block again for the first time in four years and it became a part of the schedule. I didn't know that it was foreign nor that in the U.S. it originally was brought to Netflix. I saw a few episodes and they grabbed me instantly. In fact, I find it to be one of the better and more interesting cartoons of the 2010s. Not only that, but I consider it to be one of the better shows on This TV's Click TV block. It's my favorite on there.

Super 4 is such a super show. It may be so good that sometimes I forget it's a toyetic show. Growing up, I didn't know it at the time, but I know that most toy-based cartoons aren't that great, with almost no purpose other than being used to sell product. They're probably the least favored and valuable kind of cartoons along with most celebrity-based ones. I don't think I watched many toy-based cartoons when I was little, to name one I do recall watching is G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Since learning about that, I usually don't bother with checking out many of those. However, Super 4 is exceptional. It's on the same level as The Lego Movie. Speaking of Lego, it's the rival of and answer to Playmobil, the toy products on which this show is based.

As the title suggests, the series follows the adventures of the team known as Super 4: Alex, Gene, Ruby, and Twinkle, plus a fifth member, a mascot simply known as Alien. Each of them comes from different worlds or universes, such as Gene being from Technopolis, a technology-themed city. They travel to these various places to fend off any dangers that may come their way. Alex comes from a medieval-themed place, Ruby is a pirate, and Twinkle, a fairy.

One reason I say this is a great toy-based show is because of the serial nature of it. For example, there's a four-part series of episodes titled "Origins", which I have yet to see but know about, which explains just how the foursome met and came together. Another is the positive aspects, such as teamwork, which is completely the opposite of the message and others that Teen Titans Go! sends (I never watched that show nor am I in any rush to do so, but I still know about that from all the negative reviews I read on it). The main characters are positive, such as Ruby being such a good role model for little girls. Twinkle may come across as ditsy at times, but she proves that she can be as much of a useful team player as the others and contribute as much as well. I think this is very evident in the episode in which Technopolis is overtaken by anti-gravity and she becomes leader of the team temporarily after getting a medal.

The voice work in the English dub of this French-German CGI-animated show sounds well done enough. The CGI animation and graphics are top notch too. Each of the main characters is good in his and her own way, and they all bring something to their circle. The music is good. Anybody else who is curious enough to take the time in checking out this series, please do. It's well worth your time. This is my pick for what I find to be one of the most fascinating 'toons of the decade. I just wish the availability of it on the video sites (besides Netflix, which I never use) wasn't so limited, as I'd like to be able to see more of it that way. Recommended.


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